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We have to charge our smartphone regularly. But what to do with it during the charging process? On the ground? A cupboard? A shelf? All not optimal places.or a practical mobile phone charging station that can simply be attached to the socket and the smartphone stowed away while charging. At the same time, the station can be used as a cell phone pocket and fastened in the handbag with the carabiner.


  • Cork fabric approx. 10 cm x 48 cm
  • Elastic band approx. 13cm
  • pocket carabiner
  • Scissors (pointed)
  • sewing thread


Cork fabric in the width of the phone (for an Apple iPhone 6 this is 10 cm including a small seam allowance). Place the smartphone on the back of the cork and add about 1 cm as a seam allowance on the left and right.
Cut a strip of cork in the width of the bag hook (2.5 cm) and 4 cm long.

Hang up the phone and fold one side over so that the device is almost covered and mark here on the left side of the cork. In my example at 25cm. Another marking comes at a height of 22 cm in the middle of the fabric: Here a slot with 2.5 cm is made. This is used to attach the pocket clip on the back.

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For the pocket clip, the narrow strip is threaded into the ring on the carabiner and fixed with a few stitches. The sewn part is now threaded into the slot and sewn tight.

Fold the smartphone pocket together and sew in the rubber at the height of 22 cm. Sew the side seam close to the edge or cut back the edge of the seam if necessary.

The still loose fabric part is also folded for the flap, butt to butt with the lower part. Quilt the left and right sides with a short edge.

The hole for the charger is placed in the upper third. To do this, measure a rectangle through which the plug of the charger fits and sew a seam along the marking. Use a pair of sharp scissors or a cutter to cut out the opening in the seam.

The charging station is ready! The flap, the elastic band and the bag hook make it perfect for on the go!


Click and Buy Knitting E-book

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