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Have you been wondering lately how you can limit your plastic consumption and do something for the environment? Then you are completely right with these sewing instructions: I will show you how you can sew these pretty reusable fruit bags. Everyone can make their own small contribution to the environment. In addition, these pretty pouches are also great as gift ideas.

The mesh fabric is ideal for this. Mesh is a mesh that is loosely woven or knitted, giving it a hole-like structure. This allows you or the seller to see which fruits or vegetables are in the bag.

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You need:

  • 30 cm mesh
  • 10 cm (only for version 1) cotton fabric
  • 110 cm cord
  • pins
  • Iron (version 1)
  • Tape measure or hand measure
  • fabric scissors

That’s how it works:

Contrast fruit bag as drawstring (version 1)

Before you start, it is very important in principle: first iron the cotton fabric, or the piece that will be the drawstring. Cut all parts according to the pattern and the cord.

Clean up the drawstring all around, ie on all four sides. You can either do this with an overlock or if you don’t have one, you can also use the zigzag stitch on the household sewing machine.

Fold and iron the cut piece “tunnel pull” in half, ie in half.

Next, sew the “Drawstring” pattern with 1 cm seam allowance onto the “Pouch” pattern.

Then you close the bag completely: At the beginning on one side you sew 5 cm, then 4 cm remain open and you only sew again from the beginning of the mesh fabric all around. The opening, i.e. the 4 cm that remained open at the top, is later intended for the cord that you pull through the drawstring.

Now turn the bag on the right side of the fabric. You unfold the seam allowance on the side seam, iron it and pin it so that you get a better grip. It should remain open when the drawstring is folded down so that the cord can still be pulled through later.

Now you close the drawstring by quilting it with a narrow edge from the outside (i.e. from the right side of the fabric).

Knot the initially cut cord at the end and then attach a safety pin in the knot. Now you can thread the cord twice. When you’re done, just tie the ends of the two cords together.

The version with a drawstring made of cotton fabric is ready!

Fruit bag made entirely of mesh (version 2)

Cut all parts according to the pattern, also measure and cut the cord.

Close the sides and bottom right to right with 1 cm seam allowance, but leave 3 cm open on one side from above. This will later be used as an opening for the cord.

Turn the bag on the right side of the fabric. Beat the top edge 3 cm outwards (on the right side).

Since it is difficult to mark, stick or iron something on the mesh, it is best to measure and sew continuously while sewing with the hand measure. I inserted a needle at the start, middle and end points for orientation and the needles even held a bit.

TIP: Alternatively, you can also use Wonder Clips for fixation. Fold the mesh fabric around 3 cm and fix the envelope at the break edge with fabric clips.

Quilt the 3 cm staked above with a tight edge.

Knot the cord at one end and then attach a safety pin to the knot. Now you can thread the cord twice.

When you’re done, just tie the ends of the two cords together.

The mesh fruit bag is ready!

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