Do you already know the new way to close cord ends? I’m not talking about a knot or with SnapPap. Recently there is shrink tubing in the Snaply Shop. Initially only in the size of 9.5 mm and now completely new in the size of 6.5 mm.
There is even a choice of different colors in the larger size!
I will show you the different sizes using two examples that I sewed for my daughter.

Andrea alias Fräulein An wishes you lots of fun trying it out!

You need:

  • Shrink tubing :
    for the hoodie cord 9.5mm → shrinks to a maximum of 4.8mm in the heat
    for the hoodie cord 6.5mm → shrinks to a maximum of 3.2mm in the heat
  • Cord or ribbon
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • a sewing project

That’s how it works:


Cut a piece from your shrink tube and pull it over the end of the cord.

Now you can adjust the size a little. Of course, you can also leave the first step and cut directly to your desired size. I personally find it easier. After that you need a lighter.

Now you hold the end of the cord with the tube over a flame. Do not hold the lighter too close to the hose, otherwise it will get a little dark. With a little practice, it gets better and better. I am one of the impatient and of course I kept it too close. I therefore recommend a flame to hose distance of at least 1.5 cm. Twist the end of the cord evenly so that the tube can shrink from all sides due to heat.


Shrink tubing on hoodie tapes works the same way. Take the band you want and the narrower tube (6.5 mm). Slip the heat shrink tubing over the tape.

Don’t be surprised that your tape looks a little “squeezed” in the tube.
After you have determined the desired length, you take the lighter back and hold it at a distance of 1.5 cm under the hose. Rotate your tape end evenly so that the hose can contract from all sides.

The finished band reminds me of laces. I really like this type of cord and hoodie ribbons and I will definitely use them more often.