You have probably heard of our new product ReLeda. The recycled leather is ideal for a variety of projects. You would also like to try ReLeda , the recycled leather, but you still have questions? Here I have collected the most important questions and answers about the trendy product for you.

What is ReLeda made of?
ReLeda consists of leather scraps from the furniture and shoe industry and latex. They are shredded and compressed again. This gives the material the trendy speckle look. It is particularly dimensionally stable and easy to sew in multiple layers. ReLeda is made in Germany.

Which needle do I need to use?
ReLeda is sewn with the normal needle. Please do not use a leather needle as this would perforate the material too much. In addition, the stitch length should not be too short (not less than 3.5). Multiple layers are also not a problem.

Do I have to change the thread tension?
You do not have to pay special attention to the thread tension. You can keep your usual settings.

What else do I have to consider when sewing?
The material can be sewn even more easily with a Teflon foot – alternatively, you can mask the bottom of the sewing machine with a little masking tape so that the foot glides better over the material. Holes remain in the material when sewing. Avoid cutting seams again. Our Wonder Clips (cloth clips ) are best suited for fixing  . ReLeda is particularly dimensionally stable and relatively rigid. It is therefore not very suitable for delicate sewing projects.

The Turbo flex film do you think from now in our shop. Conventional flex foils are not suitable for plotting because the high temperature and the long pressing time can cause discoloration and deformation of the ReLedas.

Can ReLeda be cut with the plotter?
You can cut ReLeda with the plotter if it is not too filigree and small motifs / fonts. The material is well suited for a label, for example.

Recommended settings:

  • Knife 10
  • Speed ​​1
  • Thick 33
  • double cut


If the material is stored folded, there may be kinks that cannot be removed. We therefore recommend storing it rolled up.

Water sensitive!
If ReLeda gets wet, stains may remain. Therefore, the material should preferably not be wet.

Heat sensitive!
ReLeda is sensitive to heat and is not suitable for plotting (except Turbo Flex film) or ironing. The material can discolor when exposed to heat.

Leather smell!
ReLeda has a strong smell of leather, which evaporates little over time.