The right belt for every outfit, simply made by yourself. Oversized belts are very popular, of course you can vary the length according to your own taste. And texts can now be seen everywhere on clothes and accessories. It’s a good thing that we can sew and make our own belt. Here I show you how you can easily sew a stylish belt made of webbing with text.


  • 1.30 m striped cotton webbing 40 mm wide
  • D-rings in silver for 40 mm webbing
  • strap end in silver 40 mm
  • Flex foil in desired color (flame red, altrosa)
  • sewing machine


Create your desired text in the appropriate size in your plotter program (with me Silhouette Design Studio). I chose “CHOOSE LOVE” (approx. 17 mm high). Don’t forget to mirror the text!

Place your flex film with cutting mat in the plotter. Cut out your text and weed the foil.

Place your plotts on the webbing at regular intervals (I recommend washing the webbing beforehand, then the film will hold better). Now you can apply the flex film with the press or the iron. Approximately 160 degrees / 10 seconds with the press or level 3 with the iron about 20 seconds. Always place baking paper between the press / iron and foil.

The webbing is ready so far. Now the D-rings and strap ends are attached. Fold in the strap end, both D-rings come into the loop. Fasten with needles or staples and sew with a straight stitch.

The D-rings are now attached. Before you attach the end piece, I recommend lightly sealing the end of the webbing with the lighter so that nothing frays.

Now clamp the end piece to the webbing … and your new belt is ready.