You need:

  • Sweat with roughened side in gray with watercolor flowers:
    Gr. 32-40: 150-160 cm
    size 40-46: 160 cm-165 cm
  • Jersey in Bordeaux: 40 cm
  • Cuff fabric in heather pink:
    Gr. 32-40: 40-60 cm
    size 40-46: 60 cm
  • 2 x eyelets , Ø 8-10 mm
  • Pink cord : 100 cm
  • SnapPap remains



No seam allowance has been added to the pattern. This way you can choose a seam allowance that best suits your preferred sewing style. If you like to sew a lot with the overlock, it is best to add 0.7-0.8 cm to the patterns. When sewing with the household sewing machine, an addition of 1 cm is common.


  • 1 x front part in the break
  • 1 x back part in the break
  • 1 x collar in the break
  • 2 x sleeves opposite


  • 1 x collar in the break


  • 1 x hem cuffs in the break
  • 2 x cuffs

That’s how it works:

Have the collar parts ready. First work in the eyelets , if desired. Place both collar parts right to right and sew them together on the longer curved edge.

Fold up the collar, then place it on the beveled sides right to right (one type of fabric lies on top of the other) and close the center back with an overcast stitch.

If you have attached eyelets, you can sew a seam for the tunnel below the eyelets and then pull in a ribbon with a safety pin.

The cut includes breast darts for a better fit. Sew this according to the cut mark. Then place the front part on the back on the right and close the shoulders with an overcast seam.

Now the sleeves are sewn on: pin them to the corresponding armholes according to the marking on the right and right and sew them with an overcasting stitch. Fold up your sleeves.

Place the front and back pieces on the right side, then close the sleeve and side seams in one step with a serging stitch.

Then sew the cuffs and hem together.

Pin the collar right to right on the neckline, making sure that its back seam meets the center of the back neckline. Sew the collar all around with an overcast stitch.

TIP: If you want a cozy sweater, just shorten the cut for the back to about 60 cm. Also adjust the front part and the cuffs as desired.