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Back to the 90´s… welcome to 2019. Bum bags are not only totally trendy again, but also super practical. I will show you my festival edition with fringed ribbon in which there is plenty of space for confetti. But “Fransi” also cuts a fine figure on the playground or in the city. Wherever you need your hands free or want to carry your valuables close to you. Fanny pack “Fransi” is sewn super quickly and easily. The material consumption is low, so you can sew another one for your best friend!

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  • 40 cm x 50cm outer fabric: synthetic leather used
  • 40 cm x 50 cm lining: Christian outdoor fabric
  • at least 34 cm endless zipper , eg metallized rainbow zipper  
  • 1x zipper
  • 2 x slider 25mm
  • 1 x carabiner 25mm
  • 1 x D-ring 25mm
  • 1m webbing 25mm
  • 50 cm fringe ribbon


Outside fabric:

  • 2 x aperture
  • 1 x flap
  • 1 x front part
  • 1 x back


  • 2 x aperture
  • 1 x flap
  • 1 x front part
  • 1 x back


Place the zipper, without the zipper on, right to right on the front part made of outer fabric and cling it to the straight edge.

Then clip the front part made of lining material right to right onto the outer fabric. The zipper is now in the middle. Sew the three layers together. Use the zipper presser foot here.

Fold back the fabrics and topstitch the seam on the zipper from the outside.

Clamp the outer flap on the top right to right of the zipper. Sew the lining material behind as before and topstitch from the outside.

Now the panels are sewn onto your pocket. The long side faces outwards. Sew only outer fabric with outer fabric and lining with lining fabric. To do this, leave out the area of ​​the zipper.

When all 4 panels have been sewn on, place a seam over the area of ​​the zipper. This connects the lining and outer fabric, but should still be free at the edges.

The fringe ribbon is now sewn inside the seam allowance at the bottom of the outer pocket.

Now cut off 2 x 7 cm of the webbing and seal the ends with a lighter. So the webbing no longer rips on us. Be careful the plastic melts and gets hot.

Pull a slider onto a belt and the D-ring onto the other. Attach them to the center of the outer fabric panels and sew them inside the seam allowance with a tight zigzag stitch.

Attach the lining made of lining material to the lining pocket. Sew the lower part of the food bag first.

Then sew the two outer sides and the top edge together. Leave a turning opening of at least 10 cm at the top.

Open the zipper.

Close the back of the outer pocket. Sew the lower curved area again, then the sides and top together. Make sure that no fringes or D-rings / sliders look out of the seam here, but are in the middle of the pocket.

Turn the bag over and close the opening.

For the wearer, seal the ends of the webbing again with the lighter, wrap one side around the middle bar of the slider and sew the two layers of the webbing with a zigzag stitch at the end and a straight stitch just before the slider.

Pull the carabiner onto the second side and then thread it through the slider. Now we have an adjustable carrier.

Fold side 2 around the slider on the pocket and secure again with a zigzag stitch on the edge of the ribbon and a straight stitch.

Snap the carabiner into the D-ring and look forward! Finished!

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