Nothing is more annoying than a scratch on the glass of your favorite sunglasses. Sew a chic case with a fastener tape so that it is well protected. The sewing instructions and the pattern come from the book 1 Frau 16 Taschen from EMF-Verlag.


The fabric consumption refers to a fabric width of 110 cm.

  • Outer fabric: 20 cm cotton
  • Pocket flap: 10 cm synthetic leather
  • Lining: 20 cm cotton
  • Fleece line H630 : 20 cm


The pattern for the pocket flap can be found in the PDF file. The sewing pattern already includes 1 cm seam allowance.

All other cut parts are cut to the following dimensions (1 cm seam allowance is already included):

Made of outer fabric

  • 1x outside pocket: 22 x 19 cm

Made of lining fabric

  • 1x food bag: 22 x 19 cm
  • 1x pocket flap (SB 2)

Made of synthetic leather

  • 1x pocket flap (SB 2)
  • 1x strip for the fastening tape: 3 x 48 cm

Made of fleece line H630

  • 1x food bag: 22 x 19 cm

Tip: To create a beautiful stitch pattern, use a Teflon foot when sewing. If you don’t have one on hand, stick masking tape on the bottom of the normal presser foot. As a result, it glides better over the synthetic leather.

Prepare all the pattern pieces and iron the fleece line onto the left side of the fabric of the corresponding pattern pieces.

Fold the food bag in the center right to right. Sew the short sides together within the seam allowance. Shorten the seam allowances to 3 mm. Repeat this step for the outer pocket made of outer fabric and turn it over.

Fold the synthetic leather strip for the fastener tape left to left and sew it together on the open edge within the seam allowance. Cut the seam allowance back to about 3 mm in front of the seam.

Place the fastening tape vertically in front of you and the left side of the lining flap made of lining material in the middle. The beginning of the tape should protrude about 2 cm above the top.

Fix it with a clip. Then put the faux leather pocket flap on the right and right and fix the fabric layers with clips. Sew together according to the marking on the picture.

Bevel the corners of the seam allowance and turn the pocket flap to the right. Shape the corners, iron the edges from the lining side and then top-stitch from the front.

Put the case flap right to right on the upper edge of the back of the outer pocket and sew it tightly.

Now put the outer pocket right to right in the food pocket and fix all layers of fabric. Make sure that the pocket flap and the fastener tape are between the two layers of the pocket. Sew the top edge all the way around except for a 10 cm turning opening on the front. Cut the seam allowance back to 3 mm before the seam, but leave out the turning opening.

Turn the case to the right, fold the seam allowance of the turn opening inwards and stitch the entire edge of the case, including the back with the case flap, again with a narrow edge. Close the sunglasses case by wrapping the fastener tape around several times. You can shorten it to the desired length and tie a knot at the end.