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A dungaree can be worn great in every season. Now in autumn it fits great with a sweater and tights underneath and in summer it is just so light and airy to wear. An all-round talent when it comes to clothing.


  • free sewing pattern
  • Fabrics in your desired colors (preferably cotton ), e.g. from our pattydoo Geometric Fever series
  • heart-shaped braces clips
  • pins
  • Iron
  • Possibly lace or borders for decoration


Print out the pattern (there are three sides) and cut out the individual templates. Then cut the fabrics according to the template. The seam allowance of 0.5cm is already included.

Now you put the two front and rear parts of the top left to left on each other (i.e. the beautiful sides inwards) and pin the whole thing with pins. The skirt part consists of only one front and one back part so you should have the parts lying twice in front of you.

Click and Buy Knitting E-book

Next, the hem of the 2 skirt parts is sewn with a zigzag stitch and sewn 0.5cm wide. Now you can add any decorations to the skirt hem.

Now you put the two skirt parts left to left. Pin them with pins and sew the two sides together with a straight stitch and overcast them.

Now you sew the two tops all around with a straight stitch, leave a 5cm turning opening on one side and then best cut back the protruding edge with zigzag scissors. Apply the two tops.

Pulls the corners out nicely with a pin, smoothes everything on the seams and irons the tops. Now sew both tops around with a straight stitch, making sure that you also close the turning opening.

Now place the tops left on links or on the pages you want to have afterwards. Pin the parts with pins and sew the two side edges of the top together. In the picture, I used the pins to stake out the area you sewed with a straight stitch and cleaned with zigzag.

Now you put the top with the beautiful sides into each other and staples it all around with pins. Now sew the pinned skirt and top with a straight stitch and finish it with a zigzag stitch.

Now you are almost done! Turn the dress over and iron it carefully. Thread the braces clips through the dress sleeves, leave 1cm behind and pin it with pins.

Sew the folded part with a straight stitch. Attach the clips to the front of the dress and you’re done ♥

Click and Buy Knitting E-book

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