• Came snaps pliers with awl
  • Came snaps
  • finished work, eg pouch
  • optional: water-soluble marker pen


First you have to check whether the correct attachments are installed. With the wrong attachments, the KAM snaps are not pressed properly and do not close.

Insert the appropriate stamp:

  • T3 for T3 snaps
  • T5 for T5 snaps, hearts and stars
  • T8A for T8 Snaps base
  • T8B for T8 snaps top

Insert the appropriate metal bolt: For the T3 and T5 snaps you use the thin bolt, for the T8 snaps the thicker bolt.

Changing the stamp:

Loosen the screw, change the stamp and tighten the screw again.

Changing the metal bolt:

Loosen the screw, remove the screw, and then the spring.

Before the metal bolt can be removed, the transparent rubber nipple must be removed. Remove the rubber nipple from the metal bolt to be installed.

Insert the metal bolt and replace the rubber nipple. Then the spring is installed and finally the screw is reinstalled and tightened.


First you have to think about where you want to attach the push button. In the example shown here, the Kam Snap serves as a pocket closure, ie part of the push button must be attached to the pocket flap and one on the middle part. To do this, measure yourself exactly the middle of both parts and make a mark there with tailor’s chalk or a water-soluble marker pen.

Then carefully prick a hole through each mark with the awl, once in the pocket flap and once in the middle.

Now take the Kam Snaps pliers and the first Kam Snap. A set of snaps for a snap consists of four parts:

  • two caps (round head and pointed stem)
  • a stud (rough back, protuberance in front)
  • a socket (deepening in which the stud fits exactly)

For pocket closures, it is advisable to attach the stud to the pocket flap and the socket on the middle part of the pocket. First we attach the stud to the pocket flap. To do this, stick a cap from the front of the flap through the hole inwards so that the pointed stem is now inside the flap. Put the stud on this stick with the rough side down. The protuberance now points forward.

Now take the Kam Snaps pliers at hand. The cap lies on the black hard plastic surface of the pliers and the softer colorless rubber part is positioned over the stud. Make sure that the cap lies exactly in the recess of the black plastic surface and that the stud is placed on the tip of the cap. Now press the pliers together with light pressure.

Check if your Kam Snap is snug. If not, use pliers to press both parts of the button together again.

Now you attach the socket to the middle part of the bag. This time you push the cap from the inside out so that the pointed stem points out through the opening. Then put the socket on it and then press both parts together using the Kam Snaps pliers.

Your pocket with snap fastener is ready.